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Laser therapy


Laser therapy is a non-invasive mode of treatment to treat a variety of conditions including arthritis, ear infections, hotspots, bladder infections, and many others.  It is non painful (most pets find it relaxing) and only requires a short outpatient visit.  We use our laser for treatment after all of our spays and neuters and other surgical procedures. 

Feel free to call the clinic for more details.



Our in-house pharmacy is well stocked and contains supplies that allow us to immunize and treat your pet(s).  When we make a diagnosis, we are able to begin treatment immediately, either by treating in clinic or dispensing medication to be administered at home.

All prescriptions are automatically entered into your pet’s medical records on the computer. This is especially helpful for future follow-up visits.

In-House Laboratory Services


At the clinic, we are equipped to perform certain diagnostic and screening tests on urine, blood and stool samples. For more advanced testing, we use the services of the Atlantic Veterinary College Diagnostic Lab in Charlottetown.

Grief Counseling


The loss of a pet can be a tragic event.  The emotions we have as a result of this loss are real, justifiable and nothing to be ashamed of.  Our team understands these feelings, as many of us have faced this in our own lives.  Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this issue.

Tranquilization / Sedation


Sometimes it is necessary to calm a nervous animal whether to examine him/her or to perform a minor procedure.  This usually involves giving an injection or an oral medication a short time before the effect is desired.  Many animals are simply nervous of the different surroundings in the clinic or do not like certain things being done to them (like having their nails trimmed). When they are relaxed they seem to tolerate procedures better.

Tranquilization is also sometimes given at home just before a stressful incident like a thunderstorm or prior to travel to reduce anxiety.

Blood Pressure Measurements


With our automated blood pressure machine, we are able to screen pets for high or low blood pressure.  We also use it to monitor diseases, such as heart, thyroid, and kidney diseases.

Pain Management and Control


We know the topic of pain management is of great concern to pet owners today.  As in human medicine, we have a variety of medications available to manage your pet’s pain both before and after surgery, in the event of trauma, and for aging pets that are developing arthritis.

If you have questions or concerns regarding options for your pet(s) discomfort and pain management, we would be happy to discuss any of the above circumstances.

Referral Services


Laboratory Referral Services

We routinely use the services of the Atlantic Veterinary College Diagnostic Lab in Charlottetown.  We can obtain results for blood, urine, and stool tests.  The test results are evaluated by a specialist who is available to discuss the case with, if necessary.  This is particularly helpful in complicated medical cases when a second opinion is valuable.

Radiology Referral Services

For x-ray and ultrasound images we use Southland Veterinary Services to read and analyze your pets images. The images are reviewed by Dr. LeeAnn Pack, a board certified radiologist, and are discussed with your Abegweit veterinarian. This service is especially helpful for complicated medical conditions when a second opinion is valuable. 

Veterinary Specialist Referrals

For those procedures or conditions that require the services of a specialist, we will arrange a referral visit. In most cases this is an immediate referral, however, there are occasions when we have to wait for a visiting specialist to come to the island (for chronic problems only).




Giant Breeds


Nutrition for giant breed dogs has become a topic of discussion among giant breed dog owners.  Giant breeds include, but are not limited to, Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds and Giant Schnauzers.  These breeds have unique dietary requirements and we can provide you with the information you need to make the correct decisions about your pet’s nutrition.  We discuss these requirements with all new puppy owners on their first puppy wellness visit.  If you have any concerns regarding the nutrition of your giant breed, we would be pleased to discuss them with you further.