For emergencies outside of regular office hours, call the regular clinic number at 902-892-3538. Our answering service will ask for your first AND last name, your phone number and the nature of the emergency.  One of our veterinarians will be contacted immediately and will return your call. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE FOR THE CLINIC UNTIL YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO A VET.

We do share weekend emergency on call with Southport Animal Hospital, so your emergency may be answered by a vet from that clinic.  If that is the case, they will see you at their clinic and update us on Monday morning regarding our patients they seen on emergency.

After hours are considered emergency services, which can be expensive.  Please do not “wait and see” about a problem if it can be tended to during regular clinic hours. We try to establish the need to actually see your pet after hours via a telephone converstaion, but it can be difficult to fully assess a condition on the phone.

Occasionally, we may refer directly to the Atlantic Veterinary College depending on the severity of the emergency.